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Friday, July 16, 2010

Google Images

**Just a quick note to be careful with this. Be sure you aren't stealing images that personally belong to someone. I'm using this for book promotion purposes. Be sure that you aren't just taking pictures or anything that you just want.**


This is for all you people who send me book cover links, but this is also very handy for bloggers not sending in pictures too. This way, you don't have to bog down your computer by saving lots of pictures onto it. :)

Here are the instructions for google images:
1. Go to google. On the top left of the screen, there is a link that says "images". Click on it.
2. A new page will appear. Type the name of the book into the correct window. (Sometimes, just putting in the book title won't work. You may have to mix the author's last and/or first name in with it. Just try different combinations until one works.)
3. After doing this, a new page will appear with a bunch of pictures. Click on the one that you think will work best. (Larger images files are usually the clearest.) After clicking on the image that you want a new page will appear.
4. There will be a bar at the right of the page with the image's information. Click on the link in that bar that says "Full-size image".
5. Then, a new page will yet again appear. All you have to do now is get the link (or URL) from the top of the page and copy it.

(For bloggers: You can use this link instead of "loading" a picture that you saved on your computer. I love it!) Again, be sure not to steal other's images!


Loren said...

That is awesome!! Thanks sooo very much!! :)

Have a blessed weekend

Carman said...

Loren~ You're welcome! I *love* being able to do that, and wanted to share it with others. :)

Janet Ruth said...

I would be very scared to do this, and you might want to change your posting a bit on this one. The process you described is also called Hot Linking, and it is often referred to as stealing bandwidth. There is a really good article about it here

Carman said...

Janet~ Thank you so much for sending me that! I'll put up a note on the post. :)

Edna said...
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