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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Letters in the Attic by DeAnna Julie Dodson [ENDS] 8/16/10

Letters in the Attic
DeAnna Julie Dodson

If you enter, please say that Carman sent you! Giveaway link is above the book cover. **Just a reminder: You cannot comment on this post to enter the giveaway. You MUST go to the giveaway link provided above.**


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

hey! :) I love your blog and what you do.. you're such a help! :)

Though I was wondering about Christian... mystery or thriller, type novels. You know, like Bryan Davis, Frank Perretti, Ted Dekker?
Those are the type of books I like... and many of my friends and followers. I know if you did someone of those books many more people would probably take mroe interest. At least those of us in our teens.

Carman said...


Thank you. I love that I can help people in this way. :)

I'll gladly post this types of giveaways. I just don't get any.

The thing is that the giveaways I post are ones sent to me by other bloggers. No one ever sends me giveaways with those types of books. You should tell the bloggers that do those types of giveaways about my blog and ask them to advertise here. (It's free) Then you can tell your friends to come here to see giveaways of those types of books. :)